I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 6

Extra 6 – A Certain Person’s Anguish


This chapter is told from Prince Sedrim’s Point of View.


I was in trouble, big trouble. My problem is that she is in my arms, and she is totally drunk… Sakura drank just enough alcohol to fit in a glass of wine, but she is so weak to it that this was enough to make her fall asleep in the way to the guest room.

Right now we just entered it, I’m glad those rooms are prepared exactly to leave the drunk people to rest.

Sakura is clinging to my chest, which makes it impossible for me to lay her on the bed. She looks very cute and is really light, so it shouldn’t be a problem at principle, but… This takes a toll in my sanity.

At times it feels like she’s a cat that is snuggling with my cheeks and chest, but she is not a cat, she is a beautiful lady… At this time, she opened her eyes.

She looked at me with an unfocused gaze for a small while and eventually let out a single word. “… Pee.”

“P-please wait just a moment!” I hurriedly dragged her to the bathroom and put her down, following that I rushed outside, closed the door and finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Give me a break…”

She is completely drunk, her usual cleverness disappeared and a child-like personality took place instead, I absolutely am not allowed to take advantage of that.

While thinking of her drunken appearance, I remembered some old things though, the day she first drank. It was her first step as an adventurer, she drank sake to celebrate and got drunk in no time, only to them sleep in the bathroom… Just like now…

Worried about it, I decided to knock on the door, but got no reply. I knocked again and asked, “Sakura, are you awake?”, however, she said nothing in response. Did she really fall asleep again?

To be sure, I put more strength into my knocks and shouted, “Sakura! Please reply if you’re awake!” but no reply came.

I reluctantly moved my hand towards the door knob to check it out, but finally heard a noise inside when I almost reached it. “Sakura, are you awake?” I asked one more time.

“Fiine…” A small voice resounded from inside. Before long, the door was opened by a wobbly Sakura.

“I’m glad, I thought you were sleeping.” Though I said that, her drowsy eyes showed that she was probably asleep until just now.

Reacting to my voice, she opened her eyes a bit and then stretched her hands towards me… Which I of course avoided.

Sakura then walked a few steps and noticed she didn’t catch anything, following that, she gave me a troubled gaze… I felt terribly guilty when looked at like this.

I can’t help it though! I want to hug her, but if I do, this night will definitely be a living nightmare! “Since you’re sleepy, why don’t you go to bed?” I suggested, to stop things from getting worse.

The reaction I got however, was unexpected. “Why do you run away?” She looked down sadly… Too cute!

No, that’s not it! I can’t fall for this face! I hurriedly spoke an excuse, “It’s because Sakura is drunk, so it would be better if you slept… I’m definitely not avoiding you…”

She however, took my words in a way I didn’t expect. Or rather, she is drunk, so this is the expected reaction?

As usual, she took out her dress. “I see, I have no charm, so you won’t be happy even if I hug you.” In front of the stunned me, the dress fell with such ease that made me wonder if she was really drunk.

As the ribbon was unraveled, her thin shoulders were exposed and I could see her underwear. I gulped at the sight… Her underwear was pretty, it looked like something straight out of Aria’s hobby, but it fit Sakura pretty well.

While thinking I should look away, I kept staring at her figure that slowly approached me while half-naked. “Hey prince, I may have a small chest, but I can still give birth, you know? Even if I have no womanly appeal, I’m still a woman…”

I had no way of replying, I desperately wanted to embrace her, but I suppressed that feeling and tried to use my hand to put some distance between us, however, she surprised me by holding my hand instead.

If I paid proper attention, I’d have noticed her eyes were somehow closed again, but I was in too much panic to realize that.

“If you touch it you can understand…” She firmly gripped my hand and let a small cute sound out before moving my hand near her. “Yaaan… Prince, bold…” She continued, and my hand unconsciously moved towards her too.

“Uhn… Sorry!” Coming to my senses, I quickly pulled my hand out, Sakura let out a short yell before losing her balance and falling towards me, with a small thud, her body clang to mine.

This, of course, made me freeze. She however, just giggled, “See, even if they’re small, my breasts can still be pleasing, can’t they? Even if they’re not your favorite…” I know it’s because of the alcohol, but it was really hard to control myself when the woman I love told me those things. She’d never act like this when sober, with that cheeky and cheerful attitude and those moist eyes… My heart was beating loudly. Her sight hypnotized me.

We stared at each other for a while before her eyes once again closed. My heart skipped a bit, even if I have no experience I can understand what this means.

But is it really alright? Am I allowed to take her lips when she is drunk?

My heart kept beating faster and faster… Some say that people are only truthful to themselves when drunk, in this case, would be this what Sakura really wants?

That line of thought is convenient for me, but perhaps it’s the truth. However, a saying that I should not be disrespectful to women came to mind.

I looked at her face once again. Red cheeks, trembling eyelashes, slightly open lips… Can I really take this final step? No, I was prepared for it since three years ago.

I put my hands on her shoulder and slowly brought her closer, I closed my eyes and approached, noticing our bodies getting nearer and nearer.

And at that point, I realized it.

I opened my eyes and paid attention to the sound made by her face that almost touched mine… She’s sleeping.

My body lost all strength and I gave out a dry laugh, I worried about it so much, and when I finally took my decision, she was sleeping.

I hugged Sakura and brought her to the bed, she unconsciously grabbed me as I gently put her on bed, refusing to let go of my clothes.

The woman I love, sleeping in her underwear in a bed right next to me… I tried to separate us, but she rubbed her face on my arms.

I let out a bitter smile, now comes the hellish torture and my test of patience. I resigned myself to it.


There was an uproar when she woke up, but I will skip it. She fortunately did not remember anything after leaving the party, I felt a bit sorry, but mostly relieved.

However, her naked body illuminated by the morning sunlight was a sight for my sore eyes.