I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 17

Extra 17 – Nursing?


I woke up with a cold feeling in my forehead, “Uhn… When did I fall asleep…?”

A voice came from the side, replying to me, “Ah, you’re finally awake.”

I turned around and saw a face I was very used to by now, “Eh? Chiffon-san?”

“The one and only. I received a message from Sedrim-sama asking for assistance, so I returned in a hurry to help that useless man.” Chiffon-san is occasionally…

“In that case, the prince is…?” I looked around the room, but found him nowhere.

“His highness returned to the castle as soon as I arrived, saying he had work left to do. But he couldn’t leave the sick Sakura-sama alone.” A smile reached Chiffon-san’s face at that statement… To think she came to nurse me even though she should be enjoying her newlywed life, I’m truly thankful. “Well, Sakura-sama slept a lot and surely sweated plenty too, so please allow me to wipe your body, I’ll be sure to be extra careful with your lower parts.”

What’s up with that statement right after I showed my thankfulness? Give my sympathy back! “E-Eh!? Wait, that’s-“

“It’s alright, just please leave it all to me.” She said with a terrifying smile on her face.

“I don’t need it! Please just help me go to the bathroom and I’ll do it myself!” I desperately begged.

“That’s no good, taking too long to do those things could actually be harmful for your body after all.” That’s not the problem here!

“P-please wait…” I asked her.

“Please understand, I am spending my time here instead of with my husband, so I ought to make sure my assistance is as valuable as possible to compensate.” Wait, so you’re actually angry your newlywed life was disturbed and I’m getting the backlash of it? But it’s not my fault!

“You’re not the usual kind Chiffon that I know…” I tried my last resort.

“Different? In that case, Sakura-sama please shut up and cease resisting, it will be better if you cooperate.” She imposed while approaching me.

“Something is really wrong with this!!!” I tried escaping, but my body didn’t listen to my commands properly, I could only crawl to the edge of the bed before Chiffon-san seized me.

“Now you can’t run anymore, please be prepared.” Her smile was absolutely scary… Prince, please help me!


“Thank you for the meal.” Chiffon-san said in a joyous mood… That line doesn’t apply to this situation though!

And what she did to me… This will be part of my black history… I buried my face in my pillow, not willing to look in her eyes.

“Well, it’s better if you go back to sleep so as to avoid having your fever raise again.” Chiffon-san said.

“Just who raised it in the first place!?” I retorted.

“Getting more excited will only harm you though?” She answered while pretending innocence.

“Just whose fault is it…?” I pouted.

“Well, if you get worse, I’ll have no choice but to take care of your lower parts again…” She mentioned in a casual, but very scary tone.

“I’m going to sleep, good night!” I’m sorry for defying you!

I closed my eyes, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the cold or of this previous experience, but I immediately felt very sleepy…

I heard Chiffon-san’s voice before falling asleep though, “Fufufu, I guess you’re pretty tired, good night then.” It’s your fault I’m this tired!


When I woke up, it was already evening. I slept well and my body felt a bit better, I ate the light food Chiffon-san made for me then wiped my body clean before going back to sleep. If things keep going like that, I should be fine by tomorrow.

Since I already recovered enough, Chiffon-san returned home before it got too dark.

In any case, I suppose I’ll take tomorrow off to rest and get back to working only in the day after… I’m too scared of getting worse and then needing to repeat this black history.

Also, I feel like I forgot something important…