I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 15

Extra 15 – A Selfless Act

This chapter comes after the Extra 11.

“Kyaaaa! The child is…” While I was shopping, I suddenly heard a woman scream. I looked in her direction and she was pointing towards the nearby river. “Somebody please help that child!”

There were many people looking by this point, all watching a child being washed downstream by the river’s current… Yet none of them helped, because there is no custom of swimming in here and it’s actually forbidden to play on most rivers because they’re used for navigation. Even when people do play on rivers, it’s generally limited to soaking one’s feet in the border, only people that work in ships tend to know how to swim, so nobody could help.

Which means I had no time to hesitate, I dropped my luggage and ran towards the river, jumped in and immediately swan towards the child. I had to be careful with how I held him because they might cling to me too tightly and get in the way of my own swimming, even if it’s just a child it might still be hard to stay afloat with someone struggling and clinging to your body.

With those things in mind I approached the child from behind and held him with one hand, he struggled a bit but it was not enough to get in my way, so I safely swam while carrying him to the shore. One of the bystanders reached out and helped me put the child on safety and then lent me a hand to get our of the river.

“You did it! You saved him!” The woman from earlier shouted.

“That young girl is amazing!” Someone in the crowd said, it annoyed me I was being looked at as a child, but I decided to ignore it. I’m just happy the boy is safe.

“Daryl! I’m so glad…” Someone that seemed to be his mother came and hugged him… The child cried while saying ‘mother’ over and over again while the mother comforted him. I’m really glad I could save the boy in time, if I wasn’t around or if I arrived 5 minutes later… That would have been horrible. “Thank you so much for helping my son! How could I reward you…?” She suddenly asked me.

“There is no need, I’m just glad he is safe.” I really had no need for a reward, I just did what anything would do if they were able to.

“You should have at least something you want…” She insisted.

“Please don’t worry, I just so happened to be around.” I cut her off.

“Then at least tell me your name…?” She asked.

“No need to bother with that, then if you excuse me, I’m in a hurry.” I replied while leaving. I knew I was going to have a reward forced my way if I stayed there and I had no need for such thing, so I promptly took my luggage and left.

Of course I could have given my name, but then some stories about me might start circulating and it would be embarrassing to have my name becoming a famous one…

And then I sneezed. I guess July is not a good season for swimming, I should hurry up and take a bath to avoid getting sick.


“By the way, it seems somebody saved a child that was drowning in the river today.” During dinner, the prince started a conversation with that.

“He? Hee…?” It came out of nowhere, so it surprised me. “Then, are the knights investigating it?”

“Not really, I just overheard it from some people while doing my usual patrols.” He answered.

“Ah, is that so?” I replied.

“Indeed, and it seems like the savior was a child with long black hair.” Just who is a child!? “So unusual, right? Black hair is rare…”

I guess he is already aware it was me? “It’s rare indeed… I’d love to meet them someday.” I pretended it wasn’t anyone I knew though.

“I think it’s someone we’re surprisingly close to though.” He grinned.

“Is that so…?” And then I sneezed again.

“Are you alright?” He asked a bit worried.

“I’m fine…” And sneezed immediately after, as if my body didn’t want to agree with my words.

“I think you should go take a bath…” I know that you are just saying it for my health, but it’s annoying to hear it nonetheless! “It will be troublesome if you catch a cold, so maybe you should sleep earlier today?”

“I guess it’s important to take care of my health… I suppose I can follow your advice this time.” I answered a bit annoyed.

“It’s better like that. I’m going to leave now then, make sure to take care of yourself, alright?” The prince got up while saying that.

“Thank you, and be careful on the way back.” I told him as he went back home earlier than usual.

After that I cleaned the dishes, took a bath and went to sleep… Not before sneezing again though.