I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 14

Extra 14 – Disciple’s Distress: Execution and…


The bell of 10pm just rang; it was the signal that the girl was now in the bath.

“I’m going to fetch Sedrim nii-sama, make sure to do your part.” The princess said while leaving… I want to escape.

Not like anyone cared for my wishes though, for soon enough the door to the bath opened from the inside so I sneakily went in. I followed the lead of the lady inside and went to the dressing room.

From it, I could hear the noise of the girl bathing and her humming… I’m nervous, please come back already, Princess.

Sensing my worries, the lady spoke up, “It’s alright, Sakura-sama takes at least half an hour to bathe.” That doesn’t make me any more at ease though! I couldn’t really say that to a noble however, so I just held it for myself.

Suddenly, I heard the princess’ voice coming from outside, “Onii-sama, please hurry.” She’s finally here! The princess and the second prince!

“Even if I’m with you, Aria, why do I need to visit a woman’s room at this hour…?” The prince answered.

“Just what are you talking about? Don’t you want to talk to Sakura-chan?” The princess replied.

“It’s not that, but…” He tried speaking, before she intervened.

“Is it just because you visit Sakura-chan’s house every day then?” Wait, what did I hear just now? I looked at the lady next to me in a hurry, but she seemed perfectly calm… Then this girl is really together with the second prince!?

So he had this kind of taste… No, there is no problem since she is 16, but even then…

The princess’ voice interrupted my thoughts, “Ara, it seems like Sakura-chan is in the bath right now?” That’s the signal! I’m sorry master…

“Darkness, enclose everything! Darkness!”1 Finishing my chant, the spell was cast and the light disappeared from the bathroom.

Both me and the lady quickly stuck to the wall to not be found, just in time to hear the girl’s scream, whom I deeply apologized to within my mind.

The second prince barged inside while shouting, “Sakura, are you okay!?” but immediately after, 2 more screams resounded and a large noise of something falling followed… I’m worried, but I can’t see what’s happening without dissolving my spell, which I can’t do without the princess’ permission.

“Fufu, all according to plan.” The princess entered the dressing room while saying that, before peeking into the bath and sneaking inside… The lady next to me did the same, so I followed.

“Ouch… Sakura, are you alright?” The prince asked.

Sakura answered startled, “Eh? Prince!? A-ahn…” Wait, what is that strange voice?

“What happened? Did you get hurt?” He asked worriedly.

“Yann… Pl-please wait a minute, let me catch my breath…” She answered.

“Alright… I wonder why the lights are out…” He said.

“Uhm… Wait, don’t touch a weird spot! Ah-“ She answered, I’m not sure if troubled or something else though…

“I’m sorry, I just can’t see anything right now…” He says that, but he doesn’t seem apologetic to me.

“Iyaa… In that case please don’t- Aaaahn…” Wow, this is making my heart pump! To think those 2 are doing this kind of thing there, even if I can’t see it’s still… “Prince, this is not the place to… Mmmmaaa…”

“I-I’m sorry!” Okay, that seemed like a real apology.

“It’s okay, but I’m fine, so please leave first… Fuaa…” I’m not sure if she’s having a hard time or enjoying this…

“Wha-what was this soft thing I just touched?” The prince said… Oh my.

“Mmmm, that’s my…” Her voice was having a hard time coming out…

“Uhn… For now, just hold my hand and… Wow!?” Just what is happening there!?

“Kyaa! Not there! My face is… Yaaan… I need to breath…” She seemed really excited there…

“Mugu!? Muga!!” So he is now resorting to incomprehensible noises?

“Yaaan… Please don’t move any more- Mmmm aaaaahn…” Wa-wait a bit, is it okay for us to stay here like that!?

I looked at the princess for help and she was shaking heavily with a very red face, I’m sure mine is red too… “Y-your highness, if it doesn’t displease you, could we stop this? It feels dangerous…” I managed to ask.

“O-oh, that’s right, this should be enough…” With her permission, I chanted a spell to clear this up.

“Light, illuminate everything! Light!”2 Immediately after, the bathroom was illuminated… And inside it, I could see the naked girl fallen on her back, with the second prince on top of her. She looked limp and breathless while he was bright red and staying as still as a stone.

… This scene really did feel dangerous, we were shocked enough to the point we forgot to run away.

And then the girl’s face moved, a calm emotionless smile floated on her expression… I had a terrible feeling about this.

“Iyaaaaa!!!!” With this shout, the second prince disappeared from the top of her, it took me a few seconds to realize she had pushed him all the way to the bathroom’s corner with one blow… Scary.

I didn’t really have time to worry about the second prince though, because the girl got up and approached us… “You girls…” I could almost see a flame burning behind her at this point… Please have mercy…

“Th-that is… Sakura-chan…?” The princess tried to talk to her, but the girl’s pressure clearly gave no room for negotiation… As for me, I was trembling from the very start.

“Princess Aria, Len-san’s apprentice and Chiffon-san…” She took a small pause before continuing. “Sit right there!”


What followed was that we were forced to sit in a position called Seiza.3 It was a really strange position, and while I’m not sure why this was needed, we couldn’t really go against her.

And then she started scolding us… For a long time, like, a really long time. I lost track of how long we were like that, but she seemed to be really angry and really needed to vent.

I thought it would be fine at first, but in less than 15 minutes my legs were getting numb, and the feeling only got worse and worse with time… The bell rang a while ago, so we must have been sitting for 2 hours now.

I looked at the side and the princess seemed to be smiling for some reason. “Ufufu, it seems even the angry Sakura-chan is cute.” This person is unbelievable, she’ll only make things worse!

“Princess Aria? Are you listening?” Oh no, she will definitely keep going now…


“Uuh… My legs can’t endure this anymore…” It’s been four hours already and I could no longer feel anything, so I ended up falling. I must look really dumb right now, but I couldn’t help it because my legs were completely numb.

The girl approached me and asked, “Just what is it? You sloppy.” Just why is she fine? She was in the same position as us this whole time… “Well, I think this was enough, so I’ll forgive you for today.” Finally! “But I need to punish you first to make sure you never do this kind of thing again…” Punishment? Wasn’t I already punished enough!?

I looked towards her and could only see the creepiest smile I saw in my life…

I was absolutely scared and desperately wanted to flee, but my legs refused to listen and stayed in place, it seemed like it was impossible to escape. “I said you shouldn’t do it anymore earlier today, yet you still abused your powers as a mage…”

“Eh? Uhn… Me?” I had no choice! The princess forced me!

“Please resign yourself to fate.” She plainly said.

“Eh? I-it can’t be… Yaaaaaa!!!” Don’t touch my numb feet!

“It’s not over yet.” The girl’s delight echoed through her voice as she said this.

“N-no, please stop!” Don’t tickle my legs and feet!

“Ufufufu, do you really think this compares to the embarrassment I went through…?” She giggled! She’s giggling while torturing me!

“I’m sorry… Please forgive me…” Demon! Monster! Someone help!!!

  1. Yeah, I know it sounds dumb, but like… The first “darkness” (闇よ) is she asking the darkness to enclose everything, while the second “darkness” (ダークネス) is the name of the spell. I swear I tried hard to find a way to change one of those 2 words into something else to sound less dumb, I just wasn’t very successful at it…
  2. The “Lights” are respectively 光よ and ライト in case anyone cares.
  3. In case you don’t know, it’s basically sitting on top of your knees, while people that are used to it can stay quite some time in the position, it is very taxing for someone attempting it at the first time.