I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 11

Extra 11 – Resolution


The three of them sat down on the ground breathing heavily and showing clear signs of exhaustion, I suppose it’s to be expected for first timers.

While watching over them, I started burning the remaining houses. “Why are you burning them?” Alf-kun asked.

“Because it will be harder for goblins to make a nest here in the future like this. Though there is another reason, can you imagine what it is?” I replied.

He pondered for a bit, but found
no answer, so I spilled it out. “Because it will kill any children that are inside.” It might seem cruel, but goblins reproduce like plague, a single pair of goblins can become 30 in no time, and considering how dangerous they are, it’s better to get rid of them quickly. “However, you need to be careful when burning houses down, as it can cause a forest fire on windy days. So the best alternative is to crush the house down instead in those occasions, though it’s not obligatory to do so, it’s better to do it.”

“Onee-sama is strong… You surprised me, you can even use magic…” Ethel-chan commented.

“Ah, I’m not that great, only B-rank after all…” I humbly replied, though the guild actually tried to promote me to A-rank multiple times, but I always denied it because I can then receive requests directly from the estate, which is a bother. Besides, B-rank gives me more than enough money to live.

“You’re still really strong though, if that’s what a B-rank’s power is, just what are A and S-ranks capable of…?” Alf-kun wondered.

I decided to avoid the question, “We-we finished the request already, so let’s go back to the village, I really want to take a bath.” Besides, I’m super dirtied with blood, so I want to get back to the inn and clean my clothes.

After I burned the rest of the houses down, we went back the way we came.


We returned to the village and reported our success to the chief, and while they were being thanked, I returned to the inn… Mainly because I didn’t want to stay there for a long talk and also needed to take a bath already.

After putting my luggage in my room and changing clothes, I went to the bath. On the way there I passed through the inn’s tavern that was surprisingly full considering the time of the day. Apparently the word of the goblins’ defeat already spread and they’re celebrating. For us it might just be another day of work, but for them it’s their lives being saved. I’m glad I could bring these smiles to their faces.

With those thoughts, I went to the bath while still being able to hear the commotion outside.

While bathing, I first washed my body, rested a bit, and then washed my clothes and bag. I made sure to scrub it diligently to take all the blood and dirt off. This always takes a long amount of time though, I wish magic could help this kind of thing a bit…

After being finally done with it, I rested for a while in the bath until the door was suddenly opened, “Onee-sama, how you could you leave us like that!? We should at least take a bath together!” I forgot Ethel-chan was still a danger!

“Well, you know… You were the ones that took the quest, so it’s only fair you get the credit for the feat.” I answered.

“But Onee-sama was the one that did most of the job, we couldn’t have done it without you!” While that is true, it doesn’t make me want to stay there… “So, let me wash your back at least.”

“N-no need, I already washed my body.” Even in a hot bath, I was dripping with cold sweat.

“That is… Then let’s bathe together!” Our lines of thought don’t match! “Ufufu, Onee-sama’s skin is very beautiful… Its color is slightly different from ours, but it just makes you prettier…” That’s dangerous! My instincts are telling me to run!

“I think I already warmed enough, so I’m…” I tried to get up…

“You don’t need to go so fast?” Escape failed! I was caught by the enemy, someone please rescue me!

I’m in danger here, this is backhanded and a violation of manners, but I need to save myself! “Isn’t it better if you spent that time with Harold-kun instead?” I asked.

“Mmmm? Harold-kun? What about him?” She asked me.

“Well, he likes you, doesn’t he?” I asked back, and her hands loosened a bit when I said it! Success!

“Oh, Onee-sama thinks so too?” Too…? “I actually thought he did, but since Harold-kun never said anything about it, I assumed I was wrong.” She answered my unvoiced question.

“We-well, if you look at how he acts, it really gives that impression, doesn’t it?” I somehow answered.

“It really does, doesn’t it…?” So Ethel-chan wasn’t oblivious to it, but was waiting for a confession? I didn’t notice at all! “Harold-kun has always been so kind to me, like when we were in the village for example, he…”

She then started going on about him. From time to time I made some half-hearted replies to show I was paying attention, but she didn’t stop! There was just so much she had to say about him! Just how long is she going to keep talking!? It’s so hard to endure people bragging about their fruitful love life!

Ugh, my head is aching… I think I’m at my limit…

“And then Harold-kun was… Eh? Onee-sama? Are you alright?” At that point I collapsed. “Onee-sama!”


It seems like I stayed for too long in the bath and my blood went to my head, so I had to be taken care of by Ethel-chan until I recovered… That wasn’t a nice experience.

At least, she ended up being really clingy to Harold-kun on the way back, so I think the result was satisfactory. Though I swore to myself I would never get caught up in other people’s love affair anymore.

And when we got back to the guild, we received the appropriate rewards for the commission.