I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 99

Chapter 99 – Bosom Friends


We had some trouble when going to eat lunch, I refused to get out of the car to enter a restaurant, but okaa-san wanted to because she thought we should celebrate. Both of us refused to yield, so otou-san mediated and we decided to eat something in a drive-through and ask for a delivery once we got home… The drive-through was really full though, so we got stuck in it for quite a while.

After about 2 hours, we finally got home. Home sweet home… Oh wait, I can get sentimental later, first I need to go to my room and change my clothes, I’ll go crazy if any acquaintance sees me like this.

“Ahahahahaha… We heard you were coming back, so we came visit, but… Did you change your hobbies or something?” Nooooooo!!! Why? How!? Just why!?

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-why are Miharu and Tomoko here!?”1 I exclaimed.

“Oh, come on, aren’t you happy to see us?” Miharu asked.

“It’s been a while, you look well too, Sakura.” Tomoko complemented.

“You disappeared suddenly, and came back just as suddenly…” Miharu said.

“Really now, this girl pays no attention to her surroundings at all… I’m sorry for my daughter, Miharu-chan, Tomoko-chan.” Okaa-san intervened.

“It’s alright, we’ve been friends for a long while, so this is not a problem.” Tomoko answered.

“Just what kind of conversation is that!? At least give me time to explain what happened!” I shouted.

“Tomoko, Rock.” Miharu said, Tomoko replied with an okay and…

“Wait Tomoko! Miharu, stop it! No-not a Camera!” I struggled.

“Mmm, I want a smile… Tomoko?” Miharu asked while point the camera to me. Tomoko gave another okay and…

“N-n-no! S-stop! A-ahahahaha!” Started tickling me!

“Maybe you could help her make pose?” Miharu asked.

“Like this?” Tomoko forcefully pulled me.

“That’s great! Now a sexy one.” Miharu continued.

“Please spare me!” I shouted.

“Be sure to make copies of it.” Tomoko told Miharu.

“Oh, do you want a copy too?” Miharu asked okaa-san.

“Of course, I’m glad you two were here, Sakura was about to change clothes as soon as she got home.” Okaa-san answered.

“That’s so cute of her… I’m glad we came in just the right time then.” Miharu giggled.

“Y-ou-all-are horrible!” I cried.

“Sakura.” Both Miharu and Tomoko said in unison.

“Uhn… Wha-what is it?” Even if their expression is serious, I won’t forgive them! It doesn’t matter if we haven’t seen each other in a long time…!

“Welcome back!” Such a cowardly surprise… If they say it like that, I can’t even get angry at them…

“… I’m sorry to make you worry.” I had no choice but to say that. Though I still said it with a smile, and so did they.


After that, we talked in the living room for a while and then in my own room. Mostly about what happened in Alselia, though I didn’t tell them that I was an adventurer or about the war. I did tell them that I will probably go back there though… I’m afraid of what will happen if I keep secrets from those two.

They were pretty surprised about it and paid plenty of attention to the whole story, but their reaction was just a ‘is that so…?’ once I finished. “Well… That was that, so… I’m sorry.” I bowed my head to them, but got no reply, so I raised it after a while, but… I only saw some frowns?

“Why are you apologizing? It’s not your fault anyways, nor was there anything you could do about it… Or are you going back there on your own?” Miharu asked. And certainly, I didn’t go there because I wanted to, but I can’t deny that I do wish to go back now though…

“While I was definitely dragged there, and I do care a lot about my life here. A part of myself does want to go back there… There is an important person to me in Alselia and I got close to many people in those last 10 months, even if it’s a short while if compared to how much I spent here, it’s still important to me…” I can’t really rank which life is more important to me, both this and that world are very precious. I wish I could go back and forth between them, but it’s not really possible.

“You’re as serious as always… Is this because of a man though? Do you actually have a thing going on with the prince?” Tomoko asked.

“Th-the prince!? What about him!?” She has 0 delicacy! But that guy is no good! Even if he has an important position, a great swordsman, rich, handsome, gentle… Wait…

“So, are you interested in him?” Miharu prodded.

“Your face is red.” Tomoko commented.

“I see, so it’s the prince…” Miharu nodded to herself.

“Seems like spring has finally come to Sakura.” Tomoko complemented.

“Hey! Just what are two you saying! Aside from his face, he is no good at all!” I rebutted.

“Is he that useless?” Miharu asked.

“Then useless he is!” Tomoko said.

“Sakura’s love has bloomed.” Miharu finished.

“Just how did it get to that!? Far from it, my love wasn’t even born, it hasn’t bloomed yet!” I denied it again.

“Oh. Not yet? Just what could that mean?” Tomoko teased me.

“Th-that’s just a form of speech! Don’t think anything of it!” They’re terrible!

“Ha ha, alright alright… Even if the prince wasn’t there, you’d still go anyway, wouldn’t you?” Miharu asked.

“Oh… Yes… But everyone…” She didn’t wait until I finished.

“So what? Even if we’re worlds apart, we’re still friends, right? Or are you going to quit our friendship?” Miharu continued.

“Of course not! No matter where, we’ll always be friends!” I answered.

“Then it’s alright, don’t worry too much about the details, Sakura.” Tomoko told me.

“But… Even if we probably won’t ever see each other again?” I asked.

“It will surely be lonely… Oh, you can just make a spell to bring you back here, then we’ll meet you as many times as we want.” Miharu answered.

“It’s not that easy, I got here this time by chance…” I dejectedly said.

“Nothing will come of it if you give up before you try! Have some faith!” Miharu exclaimed.

“I already tried thinking of various methods though… I’m being stupid, aren’t I?” I asked.

“Uhm. So you can’t give up, Tomoko agrees with me, right?” Miharu cheered me on.

“I agree with her, it’s foolish to worry about what you can’t do anything about it… Instead, we should make some memories together, and then hope we can reunite again later, right?” Tomoko nodded.

“Really now… You two are great friends.” Was all I could say.

“Haha, now we’re talking. Why do you think we have been friends for so long?” Miharu asked.

“Because she is great at making sweets?” Tomoko answered in my stead.

“Yes yes… Tomoko!? We were in such a touching moment!” Miharu shouted.

“I’ll make some special ones next time then.” I answered while giggling.

“Oh, lucky! I’ll look forward to it!” Miharu was clearly happy.

“I’ll also wait expectantly.” Tomoko said.

“To… Mo… Ko?” Miharu seemed really surprised now.

I just laughed at it though… I’m truly blessed with incredible friends.


  1. She uses no honorifics to refer to them. They don’t use any for her either.