I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 98

Chapter 98 – Okaa-san is too Strong


“Sakura, get up! Just because you’re in a hospital, it doesn’t mean you can sleep forever!” I was forcibly woken up by okaa-san as she turned the futon over.

I still felt pretty sleepy and was rubbing my eyes, “Okaa-san, why are you being so loud in the morning…?” I asked while tilting my head.

She just smiled though, “Sakura, our time together is limited, so we should make the most of it! Even if you’ll still be alive, I won’t have you around anymore, so we should enjoy it so as to not regret what happens when the time comes…” It felt like a good and touching reason, but her smile is creeping me out.

“For now, I’ll help with the bath, I asked the nurse and it seems you haven’t bathed yesterday, right? It’s been a long time, so let’s go in together.” Okaa-san continued without leaving any room for discussion.

“Eh? No, I’m-“

“Leave it to okaa-san! Mothers are very good at it and I’ll clean every corner!” Her smile is absolutely terrifying.

“Otou-san, nii-san, please help me!” I begged the two men nearby, but they just said ‘Hang in there’… “Don’t you have any pity in the weak!?”

“Sakura, you’ll trouble the other patients if you shout in the morning.” You’re the cause of my shouts!! “Let’s go to the bath now, okaa-san will take care of you.”

“Please stop! What kind of shame play is hugging me at this age!?” I struggled while she started picking me up.

“Don’t be shy, you liked it back when you were young, didn’t you?” Okaa-san retorted.

“It’s exactly because I’m not young anymore that I mind!” My struggle was futile though, as she took me to the bath in a princess carry… I could see the pitying eyes of all patients and nurses across the corridor…


Once out of the bath, my hair and skin were thoroughly shiny, but… Damn! What’s up with this difference in chest size between mother and child!? Just what is so great about floating on hot water!? The reality thrusted in front of my eyes was absolutely ruthless!

And with the curse of that self-proclaimed God…! I wonder if it would disappear while I was in a different world? Maybe they might grow while I’m here, right? They could actually float like okaa-san’s… I feel like I would be mocked if I told this to anyone though… Everyone has the right to dream, alright!?

Well, let’s cheer up by eating… No, no okaa-san, I can eat on my own… As if I was a child, she refuses to let me eat by myself, even though I ate just fine yesterday…!!

Her smile scared me into submission though… I could even hear the giggles of the nurses nearby because of that.

Was it a mistake to tell her that I would leave? She is too overprotective… It’s better than her being saddened for too long, but even otou-san is troubled by her actions, treating me as an infant while ignoring the surroundings, so he tried cheering me up, “I think she’ll settle down after a while, so please bear with it for now.” I hope it won’t last more than a few days though…

After breakfast, otou-san and nii-san stood up and said, “We’re going home for now, we’ll be back later to pick you up.” Wait, pick me up?

Okaa-san continued, “We talked to the doctor, and she said you seemed healthy enough to leave the hospital today, your body is much more energetic by now, isn’t it?” Without even asking my opinion, they already decided everything… I get that I’m a minor, but I got used to being treated as an adult in Alselia… “It’s a pity, but okaa-san will go home for now, you won’t be lonely, will you Sakura? Or you want me to stay instead?”

Just how childish do you think I am…? “I’m fine okaa-san-“

“Oh, if you’re fine with me staying, then your change of clothes will be brought by your father and brother, alright? Sakura’s underwear is off-limits for the brother though.”

“Hey, what’s up with that!?” My brother asked.

“Okaa-san, I don’t want that!” I told her.

“Sakura, you don’t want to stay with me?” Okaa-san replied.

“You’re still young, and I understand she’s your sister, but it’s best to avoid having you touching the underwear of someone of the opposite gender.” Otou-san told nii-san.

“I won’t do anything, otou-san!” He shouted in reply.

“Of course you won’t, because I’m the one picking them.” Otou-san replied smugly.

“Just how much do you think I want to see my younger sister’s underwear!?” He pleaded desperately.

“Oh? Are you saying she isn’t attractive then?” Okaa-san teased him.

“Eh!? No, Sakura is cute!” He replied.

You know… “Nii-san…”

“Wait, I said she is cute, but she doesn’t excite me!” He tried explaining.

“Then are you saying Sakura has no appeal?” Otou-san countered.

“I-it’s not like that…” He said.

“Nii-san…” I just commented.

“Aaaaaaaah! What am I supposed to say!?” He gave up.

“Fufufu, just why is he answering so seriously?” Okaa-san seemed to be mocking him.

“Fufu, well, it’s nii-san.” Not like I was any different though.

“Are you kidding me!?” Oh, he somehow came back to reality.


They ended up all going home, and came back before lunch, but I felt like I was still in a pinch, because… “Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting!”

“Sakura, don’t say that…” Mom replied to my shout.

“Take it back! I Won’t do as you say!” I held my ground.

Okaa-san continued arguing though. “Why are you acting like that… Ah, are you in your rebellious period?” This was happening because f the clothes she brought as my change. Incidentally, the two men were as useless as always… Or well, they were doing something, they were blocking the door to stop me from running away.

“Why do I have to wear such frilly clothes!?” I replied.

“I thought it would suit you, it seemed made for you when I saw it in a store’s window.” She argued.

“Where does this confidence come from!? I will not wear it!” I held my stance firmly.

“But it was expensive… I bought it thinking it would look so good on you…” I almost got overcome by the guilty feelings, but…

I will not fall for her trap! “It’s useless even if you say that! Bring me some normal clothes.”

“Just what is wrong with wanting to put a cute dress in my daughter that won’t be here for long!?” She finally showed her true colors.

“Do you have no conscience!? You just want to have fun at my stake!” I talked back.

“And what is wrong with that? Isn’t it the mother’s right to dress up her daughter!?” She argued.

“Well, then I can refuse because of my rebellious age!” Was my answer.

“Sakura… Wont you please just wear those clothes?” She suddenly changed the tone.

“You don’t really think using a puppy face will work, do you?” I asked.

“Ahn, you will do it, right? Do it for mommy!” She pushed.

“Just who is mommy!? I refuse!” I still held my position.

“Well, then you leave me no choice.” She said.

“What…?” I suddenly felt a pain in my neck and lost consciousness.


“Aah, you really do look great on it…” What is…? “Oh, you’re awake, please stand over there.” Okaa-san told me.

“What? Suddenly… I was…?” Her voice cut me.

“Go there! We’ll talk afterwards!” Just what is this all about?

“I just need to stand here then…?” I asked.

“Try turning around a bit.” She asked.

“… I don’t understand how things came to this… Is this alright? Wait, why a camera and… Hey! What’s this!? When did you change my clothes!?” I felt something uncomfortable in my feet, and when I looked down, it turned out that I was using that frilly dress, stockings and shoes. “Did you hit me and make me faint…?”

“Fufufu, you never know what might be useful to learn, right?” I don’t understand her…

The dress is pretty detailed though, the frills seem really hard to make… It doesn’t stand out that much because it’s black I guess, but we’re in a hot season and it even has long sleeves, the skirt goes all the way to the knees as well. Won’t I get a heatstroke with this? Ah, and the weird feelings from the shoes are because they have a thick base, with this I should be around 140cm… I don’t like this!

“What were you thinking to change your daughter’s clothes after making her faint!? I will take this off!” I told her.

Okaa-san just smirked though. “Oh? Then do you have any change of clothes available? Or are you going to go home in your underwear?”

“What about my pajamas!? Or the clothes from when I came here…” I replied worriedly.

“Already took care of them, right in your bag.” She held my enchanted bag with one hand.

“Then…” She cut me again.

“Just give up, at least until you get back home.” I refuse! It’s not over until someone admits defeat!

“Fujino-san, the preparations are done.” Whoa!?

I didn’t notice when they came in, but the doctor and the nurse were looking at me with gentle eyes. “Ah, I’m sorry, I knocked but there was no reply… And Fujino-san, this looks good in you.”

I’m finished… The doctor’s pure and kind-hearted words were the final blow…

I was heartbroken. By the time I realized it, I was already in the car.