I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – Misunderstandings (4)


This chapter is from Prince Sedrim’s and Princess Aria’s Points of View.

The thing I want to show Sakura are deep in the garden. There is quite the distance to it, but it can only be seen for a small period of time each year, so I definitely want to show it to her.

We tried talking, but each conversation ended with 2 or 3 words due to the awkwardness of earlier. I try searching for different topics, but can’t shake off this feeling.

I hoped you would be able to enjoy this, but because of me… I wonder if that view would be able to fix this? Despite hoping for that, I still tried to find a new topic to talk about.

While I was thinking about it, we got close to that place. What kind of reaction will Sakura make? When I saw it for the first time, I couldn’t believe in the beauty of it.

Eventually, the view became clear, and we could see the spectacle… Just like before, it is truly beautiful. Although I was enjoyed the view, I was worried about Sakura’s reaction, so I looked sideways.

She was petrified. Her eyes were wide open in surprise. She slowly took an unsteady step forward. “This is…?” Eventually, she left out a small trembling voice.

“This is what I wanted to show you. When I started to trade with the eastern country, they gave us this as a sign of good faith. At first it was only a small seedling, but now it has grown and blooms beautifully every year. I don’t know what tree it is, but I wanted to show it to Sakura, there is only one of it on the whole country.” On the neighboring country, there is this very beautiful tree that only exists there.

I know of it because I spent 10 years there. The tree has no name, but it blooms beautifully every year at around this time. “Sakura…” She muttered something.

I finally realized that she was looking strange. “Sakura…?” It’s not just surprise. She knows about this tree… It seems likely for some reason.

And I felt… As if Sakura would disappear while facing this tree “It is the tree, Sakura… As you can see, it’s what my name was based on. I really didn’t expect to see it on this world…” I was surprised… No way, it was a tree with her name… And I was convinced of it somehow. Like small flowers desperately blooming, it overlaps with her figure. “The Sakura were very famous trees in the country I’m from, there were several stories about them. The beautiful blooming and brief scenery was seen as the heart of Japan, it’s a very familiar and important tree… I really love this tree and am pretty happy to see it. Fufu… It’s an important name.”

I listened without replying, because if I replied, I felt that I would lose something important… Suddenly though, the wind made the petals that were on the ground fly up, some of the petals on the branches also fell. This is the sight that I wanted to show.

When I saw it for the first time, it fascinated me. “… Since there is a Sakura, we should’ve eaten lunch here. In my country there is a custom of eating Obentou under the Sakura, with some drinks… It’s an annual event.”

“Sakura…” I unconsciously called her name.

It felt as if she was dissolving into the tree. “I am all right, I just remembered a little… I’m glad I could see this tree, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see it anymore.” She showed a smile, but it felt empty.

Is she still remembering her previous world…? “Is that so… In that case, how about taking one of the branches back with you? It should last a few days at least, right? I’ll take one of the lower branches.” I want her to regain her smile, the usual gentle smile she always has.

I approached the tree and reached towards a nearby branch. “Please wait! It’s very easy for Sakura to rot on the places it’s broken! So please don’t do it!” Her flustered voice stopped my hand. I turned towards her, and she seemed desperate. “Also, the root of the flowers is usually very near the branches, so you would also kill them!” What… In other words, if I hadn’t stopped, I could have killed it…? Although I didn’t know, I nearly hurt her memories of this tree.

“I-is that so… I’m sorry.” I could only apologize.

“No, I’m sorry for sounding so condescending, prince just didn’t know, so there is no problem, but please be careful in the future, okay?” Ignorance is a sin… This old saying passed through my head. Thanks to Sakura’s interference, nothing happened, but I could’ve hurt her through the tree.

It’s too late to regret it after it’s lost. I have to learn so as to make sure I don’t regret it… “Prince! Please lie down!” My thoughts were interrupted by Sakura’s shout.

Before I reacted, Sakura’s small body pushed me to the ground and protected me. The wind started blowing with a lot more strength than before, is Sakura alright?

Once I saw what was in front of me, I couldn’t move. The cloth was swaying in front of my eyes. This is good. No, it’s bad, but it’s good. It is a problem. The swinging cloth was what Sakura was wearing. Sakura’s dress is a one piece, and the skirt is fluttering with wind. I fell on the ground, and Sakura was standing just before me.

If the skirt flips while on that position, what one can see is… It was pale blue. That was very nice… The thing is… What kind of cloth is that…? Sakura’s inner appearance was very good at triggering male instincts.

Putting it simply, it was transparent. There is nothing where, almost, almost the whole… I guess the color is to match Sakura’s white skin. I thought I should look away, but it was as if a magical power kept my eyes locked in position.

In the end, I kept staring at the sight until the wind stopped and the skirt came back. “Are you alright? I’m sorry for suddenly pushing you, it’s because I felt a spell coming…” Sakura said something, but I couldn’t recover from the impact yet. “Prince? What happened, the spell just caused the wind, but it didn’t seem harmful… Did something happen?”

“No, no… I was a just little surprised…” Actually it is not just a bit. I thought that while looking away, and she tilted her head to the side.

“I’m not sure, but… I think that this wind was created under princess’ Aria’s order. Nobody could enter the garden without the permission of the royal family, and I think I saw her silhouette when looking at the direction of the magic, there seemed to be a lot of others, but they already went somewhere. I don’t know their intention, but I think they meant no harm.” Was that wind Aria’s fault…? I can’t really understand magic, but I can believe in Sakura’s senses.

“Prince? What happened? Did you get hurt when I pushed you…?” Sakura looked worried, but my head was full with the previous thing. “Prince, say it clearly! Did something happen? I can’t understand if you don’t talk!”

“No, really, there are no injuries… Just…” It seems Sakura became frustrated because I was not giving a proper answer.

“Just? What is it? Please say it clearly!”

“Ah, that, I saw that…”

“What did you see?”

“Uhn… That…” It is embarrassing to say it. However, Sakura seemed to be too concerned, so she kept asking.

“I can’t hear you, please say it already!”

“With the wind a while ago, your skirt flipped!”

“… Ha?”

“I didn’t want to, but I ended up seeing it because of our position!” An accident, yes, an accident. I was just coincidentally in a low position because I was thrust away, and the wind magic flipped Sakura’s skirt.

An accident, it happened by accident! As Sakura understood the situation, she became very red. And while I was pleased with the sight, I’ll say something unnecessary. “And, I don’t want to say anything about a person’s hobby, but that kind of underwear… Should it really be used with a skirt?”

If it was seen by another man, I would be absolutely unable to forgive it. It’s possible that an accident like this happens again, so she shouldn’t wear this kind of underwear. Except when she is with me though, rather I would appreciate it if she wore it for me.

“Iyaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” As her deafening scream resounded, I put my hands on my ears. Sakura squatted and started grumbling about something. I’m sorry for Sakura, but I want to thank Aria for this.

Aria, well done!


Chasing Onii-sama led us to a tree I had never seen before. It was as if it came straight from a fairy tale, full of pink flowers… When the wind blew, the petals danced, it was a fantastic scenery… “It is amazing…. To think there is such a place in the garden…”

We forgot about what we were doing and fascinately gazed at the sight. “Please wait! It’s very easy for Sakura to rot on the places it’s broken! So please don’t do it!” Hearing Sakura-chan’s desperate voice, I remembered my original purpose.

“Ha-! You, pick up the conversation from those 2, quickly!” I gave some instructions to the magician and the girl hurriedly used magic, and finally we could hear their conversation.

“… so you would also kill them!” How is that? It’s not really a good mood, is it…?

“What do you all think …?” I asked.
“Hmmm… Sakura-sama seems to know something about that tree…” Chiffon pondered.

“… It seems like that… There is none of the previous sweet air right now, even if there is such a beautiful scenery…” Okaa-sama complimented.

“Sakura-sama and Your Highness…”
“Really, that girl…” Both me and Chiffon sighed.

“The flying petals from a while ago were quite pretty…” Okaa-sama mused.

“That’s it! If we get the wind up again, the mood should change! You, use magic to make them flutter again!” I ordered the magician.

“Eeh!? That’s dangerous!” She seemed reluctant, but I didn’t really care.

“Didn’t you hear what I said!? Make the wind already! Or are you saying you can’t use this kind of magic?”

“N-no… I can cast that spell… But…”

“Then do it quickly! In the midst of a fantastic scenery, the two of them will finally… Kyaa-! That is still too early… But Sakura-chan is already 16… Today marks Sakura-chan’s first step towards adulthood…!”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea! Why did it come to this…?” The mage sighed while casting the spell.

We paid attention to their conversation while the spell was going on. “I-is that so… I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry for sounding so condescending, prince just didn’t know, so there is no problem, but please be careful in the future, okay?”

“And… Go!” As the mage girl said that, A strong breeze blew, it wasn’t the gentle kind of thing that would make flowers flutter…

I shouted at the girl when seeing her spell, “You, what is…!?” No way, am I going to harm them with this plan…? While I was panicking over such thoughts, the mage drew near.

“Hii-, that’s why I told you to not do it! Weakening the power of spells doesn’t quite work well…!” Apparently, they aren’t being harmed, which is a relief… Still, this wind is dangerous…

Looking at them, I could see Sakura standing in front of the fallen Onii-sama. Her pretty one piece is fluttering with the wind. “Stop the wind quickly! Now!”

“It’s impossible! It was cast with a set timer, and it will end once it runs out, but I can’t manually stop it!” She answered desperately.

“What!? Aah, mou! Sakura-chan, please do your best!” Sakura firmly stood on her feet, in front of Onii-sama… I’m frustrated I can’t do anything except watch.

Just as the girl said, the wind died out after a while. However, the relief only lasted a small bit, Sakura-chan was restlessly searching around for something. “We were found out! It’s only a matter of time before she finds us… Let’s escape!”

“Eeh!? It’s impossible to track a remote magic unless you know the magic used! And even then, it should only be doable by a very skilled sorcerer!” The magician countered.

“Sakura-chan can use magic though?” I replied.

“Incidentally, I’ve heard that her skill is on extremely high.” Chiffon complimented.

“Eeh-! Please tell me that first!” The mage panicked.

“Anyway, I will run away!” I decided.

“Ara ara, mou is it over?” Okaa-sama pouted.

We hastily ran away. After getting enough distance I finally started walking, we heard screams from Sakura-chan behind us, but we didn’t know their cause.