I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Misunderstandings (3)


This chapter is from Prince Sedrim’s and Princess Aria’s Point of Views.

The bell of 12pm rang, and I realized how much time already passed. I’ve met Sakura 2 hours ago, and our hands have been connected ever since, it was embarrassing at first, but it became natural after a while.

But when I think I need to let go of it, I feel a little disappointed, no, not just a little. However, Sakura cooked for me, and I was really looking forward to it. But… To release this hand… I think this is a very luxurious trouble. Even so, I was suffering for real this time, to the point I was happy she didn’t release our hands while still searching for a place for us to eat.

However, all good things come to an end. She soon found a good place, and asked me to give her the bag I was carrying. While crying inside my heart, I gave her the bag while struggling to not show those feelings. But when Sakura was about to take the bag, she looked at her hands and seemed in shock! Sakura doesn’t want to let go of our hands either! My heart is full of joy right now…!

She was embarrassed, but she let go of my hands and took the bag. I feel lonely with that warmth disappearing, but I can endure it by knowing she was also lonely. I need to stay composed right now.

I feel happy to know she prepared all that for me, and I watch, in a daze, her setting things up.
She even prepared tea in advance, I’m so happy. “Well, shall we eat?” I came back to my senses after hearing her, only to see that the bentous were all lined up before me.

The colorful Bentou incites my appetite. “As usual, you make very delicious things, was this a sandwich…? Both the meat and vegetables are very tasty.” As I remembered the name of the dish that I only ate once, a nice reply came back.

“Meat is your favorite, right? It’s unhealthy to eat only meat so I always add some variety, but it’s quite the luxury to have meat in a picnic basket. I also added all the usual staples though.” She knows my taste…! Moreover, she gave me lots of it…

“How did you know meat is my favorite?” I tried hearing my embarrassment after hearing it. But to think she even knows my taste…

“I can judge from your happy expression whenever I prepare it for you.” What!? Then that means Sakura was watching me! To think she watched me so as to prepare according to what I like…

I reflexively replied due to my astonishment. “Is that so… You were paying close attention.” I was so happy I couldn’t stop my voice from trembling.

“It’s fun to see your belly growing.” I reached for a sandwich so as to avoid the topic. Everything seemed delicious… There was a lot of food, but Sakura was the one that made it. Leaving any is not an option. I ate all. Even if my stomach ached due to being full, I kept on eating, and I continued until there was nothing left. And then, I couldn’t move due to pain.

But I can change this pain to joy. Because this food is filled with Sakura’s love for me. To eat it, is to accept all of Sakura’s love… So, I want you to forgive me for not being able to move.

She was looking a bit worried, so I told her, “I ate too much… I’ll be fine, just… Let me rest for a while.” she was looking relieved, and also amazed, I guess she knew she made too much, and didn’t expect me to eat it all.

You understand, you understand. But I ate it all, I finished it! But my stomach is really hurting, so let’s lie down a bit…The calm wind and warm sunlight feels comfortable… Everything seems to be blessing us…

What…? I feel a bit ticklish… “… I was sleeping?” It seems that I fell asleep after eating due to the comfortableness of the warm sunlight.

When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw black eyes looking back at me. “… Good morning.” Lovely, her small lips moved.

“… For… For how long have I slept?” I looked at her eyes on a half-asleep state.

“Not for long, about 5 minutes only…” My eyes shook a bit… It was a surprisingly small amount of time… And why is her face so close?

“I see… I’m sorry, but what am I sleeping on? It’s soft and pleasant.” Since the pillow was comfortable, I didn’t raise my head. I’m still a bit confused, but things are comfortable enough, so it should be alright… However, I should have slept on the cloth… Did Sakura prepare a pillow for me? It’s quite the comfortable one… I wonder if she can give it to me?

Thinking of that, I reached towards the pillow. “Hiyau!” A pretty voice rose from her… What’s wrong? But it’s a soft pillow… It is warm and soft, but also elastic. I want to touch it forever… “Ah… Prince… That’s my…” Sakura’s…?

The moment I heard that, my half-asleep head started spinning. A face I’m looking directly at the eyes, A feeling of something behind my head, the soft feel of human skin, a feeling similar to when I held her hand… Those things connected within my head.

In other words, what I was touching now is…! “I’m really sorry, I was still sleepy and didn’t notice! I’m truly sorry!” Even if I was half-sleep, I did not behave appropriately. Rather Sakura lent me her knees as a favor. To stroke like that is…

The feeling of it on my hand came back. While desperately shaking it off, I hurriedly lowered my head. “N-no… It’s alright… I’m happy if you liked it…” Aah, she is so sweet…. Even though it would be okay to hate me for doing this! Yet she still…!

Even if I try to forget, the soft and resilient feel comes back every time. Which makes me shake my head desperately. Due to that, I couldn’t see her face properly.

At that moment, something caught my eyes. “Ah, ah… Did you put the blanket over me… I’m sorry…” I folded the blanket and gave it to her.

“I-it was because the wind was cold, so… I didn’t want you getting sick…” She told me such a kind thing while receiving it.

She is so gentle, I feel like I’m taking advantage of her kindness…! I want to hit myself now that I woke up. Suddenly I remembered my goal today.

Yes, Sakura might enjoy that! So, I suggested it. “Sakura, do you want to go for a walk? There is a very rare thing that I want to show you, it’s very beautiful and I think you’ll like it.” Yes, I wanted to show that sight today.

She nodded immediately. “Yes, I would love to see…” Since it’s decided, let’s move immediately.

I’m definitely not trying to escape the awkward air…


We remembered the important thing while looking at them. “Sa-Sakura-chan’s food…!” Yeah, I was passionate about chasing my Onii-sama, so I didn’t prepare lunch. Of course, we can skip lunch when we’re busy, so it’s not something I usually mind much.

But in front of me, is Sakura-chan’s cooking. I know how skilled she is, and the wind is bringing the scent here…! For us who are conscious of our hunger now, this is just torture! “Hime-sama, please calm down! If you rampage they’ll notice us!” Chiffon stopped me.

“Let me go! Let me go right now! If it’s for the sake of eating Sakura-chan’s food, then being noticed is not a problem!” Was my reply.

“I’m hungry…” The mage said to no one in particular.

“Oh dear.” Okaa-sama exclaimed while looking at them both.

“Aah! Onii-sama is eating so much by himself…! Leave some for me at least!” Before my eyes, Onii-sama is carrying Sakura-chan’s dishes to his mouth one after the other. Because I am suppressed by Chiffon, I can only move my hands around.

Eh? They didn’t notice this whole rampage? Fufun, thanks to the magic of the girl I brought here, the sound isn’t reaching them. So, they won’t notice it even if I make a large noise? “Aah! I can’t see that anymore…! Onii-sama, I’ll make you regret this later!”

“Aria, calm down. You can just ask her to cook for you later, can’t you?” Chiffon tried to reason with me, but…

“Now! Now! I want to eat now! Chiffon, let go!” That won’t satisfy me!

“I can’t! Please help me pin her down!” She begged for help.

“Looks delicious…” But Okaa-sama just looked at those two filled with as much envy as me.


After Sakura-chan’s dish disappeared, Onii-sama laid down. “Haa, haa… I showed an unsightly behavior… I’m okay now.” I feel like I got unnecessarily hungrier because of the rampage…

“Ah- look, Sakura-sama’s and Your Highness’ head…” Chiffon exclaimed.

“What’s that!?” Hurried by Chiffon’s words, I looked towards them and saw Sakura-chan giving a lap pillow to Onii-sama. “Onii-sama! I’m so envious! I want to replace you right now!”

“They are a lovey dovey couple aren’t they?” Okaa-sama giggled.

“Sakura-sama, you pretend to be courteous, but you’re actually with Denka…” Chiffon said as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Ara ara, youth is certainly changing…” Okaa-sama seemed to be having a lot of fun.

“Sakura-sama is going to kiss…!” Chiffon was astounded.

“It can’t be! Sakura-chan’s cute lips with Onii-sama…!?” I felt the same way though.

“Ara ara, tonight me and your majesty1 will…” Okaa-sama was just smiling at it all.

“Hiii, I saw nothing, I heard nothing!” The mage was desperately trying to erase her existence it seemed… However our support was in vain and Sakura-chan just stroke Onii-sama’s hair…

But, when we saw Sakura-chan’s smile, we couldn’t say anything else. “Kii-! Sakura-chan’s smile is being directed to Onii-sama…!”

“Ufufu, Sakura-sama is so lovely…” Chiffon felt relieved it seemed.

“I’ll have to tell your majesty to cancel his plans for tonight…” Okaa-sama was clearly disappointed though.

“ISawNothingIHeardNothing…” The mage didn’t even realize what happened though…


“Shi-! Your Highness seems to have awakened!” Chiffon warned us.

“Kyaa-! What do you think of Sakura-chan’s thighs!?” Look at where he put his hands at!

“I wonder if the night will come soon…” Okaa-sama was daydreaming already.

“ISawNothingIHeardNothing…” The mage was still repeating that?

Kuu- Onii-sama, such an envious position you’re in…! I’ll make you regret that later!


  1. This is referring to the King. She doesn’t say what they’re going to do though, so it’s up to reader’s imagination.