I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 90

Chapter 90 – Misunderstandings (2)


This chapter is told from Prince Sedrim’s and Princess Aria’s Points of View.

I was late to our appointment because of being stopped by Aria and Chiffon…! The bell of 10am rang a while back, so I was definitely late.

Generally speaking we have around half an hour of room for error, but I have a feeling Sakura was there since before the bell rang. I increased my walking pace to get there even a bit faster, but by the time I saw the gate, I was already out of breath… There is someone there though.

It was still a small figure, and I knew it was Sakura, so I ran with all my strength… Why is the gate so far away!? Even if I say that, I am the late one, so I need to hurry. “Sorry, did I make you wait?” I ran over to Sakura and asked while recovering my breath.

“No, I just arrived.” She was not angry about my late arrival and answered gently.

… Though even if she said a while ago, it was probably before the bell rang. Even if it was still within the accepted amount, she must still have waited quite a bit.. Even so, she still giggled with a dazzling smile.

If only I came before the bell rang… I regret it, but I can’t do anything about it now. Next time, I’ll head out with more time to move. I swore it to my own heart.

“Good morning, Prince. Thank you for inviting me today.” While I was repenting in my mind, Sakura voice turned my attention back to the present. And with this, I noticed she looked different from usual.

Sakura was wearing a pink thin dress and a light blue cardigan that goes well with her. It was simple, but it made her cuteness stand out even more. Her manners were very polite though, acting as if we weren’t very familiar with each other.

While being fascinated by her, I managed to make a reply. “Ah, I’m glad you came… That said, your outfit, isn’t it quite different from the usual?” I wish I could say more nifty things, but this was all I could manage.

“It’s because we won’t be making any intense movement today… Does it look weird?” Again, it seems like I need to learn how to express myself properly. That said, I can’t simply let Sakura have an expression like that…

“No, not that! Suiting you… I think it’s actually pretty cute?” It’s pathetic, but that was the best I could come up with… Sakura’s cheek dyed red after hearing it however.

… I hold back my impulse of hugging her. That figure that was just like a spring fairy.

However, her next comment completely blew me away. “Tha-thank you… You also look very cool.” Aah, I was worried about it, but I’m glad I chose these clothes…!

I looked up to the skies and thanked the gods. “I… Is that so? These clothes are nice from time to time I guess.” I managed to return with that somehow, it’s frustrating to be this embarrassed.

If I was used to this kind of thing, I could make some better replies… No, wouldn’t that look frivolous? But being good at praising is generally a nice plus. In that case, I wish I paid more attention to the stories from the knights!

“We-we shouldn’t remain here, sh-shall we go to the garden?” I was startled by her words.

That’s right, I invited Sakura today to show the garden to her. I forgot the original goal due to Sakura’s cuteness! Even if just seeing her figure already achieved more than half of today’s purpose, she is still looking forward to seeing the garden.

… I’d be even happier if she came for the sake of meeting me though. While I do think that, let’s not let it get in the way, I’ll be a good guide, and if everything goes well, she might want to come again. “Alright, I’ll show you the way then.”

While trying to calm down my fast beating heart, I spoke as calmly as possible. Taking Sakura’s lugged with me, we started walking towards the castle. However, my body froze at the moment I tried moving.

What!? Sakura held my hand! So soft, though she also wields a sword, it’s very different from mine or the knights’, really soft and small hands are gripping mine!

No way, I never imagined this kind of thing could happen, I looked at her face while completely amazed… And found a mischievous smile there.

She is playing with me… She is watching my reaction, I have react smartly and show that I can handle this much.

I turned forward and walked towards the garden… It’s okay, it’s no big deal to hold our hands. I hope she doesn’t mind if I hold it a big tightly to confirm the feel of her hard. If possible, I would like to keep our hands together.


While searching for Sedrim Nii-sama, I arrived at the castle’s gate. Since there is no cover here, we had no choice but watch Onii-sama and Sakura-chan from far away. “Aah, I can’t hear what they’re saying…! I wonder if we can’t get closer…”

I’m sorry for complaining, but I hope they can forgive me for it, because seeing such nice air around them, but not knowing any details is akin to torture! “Please calm down, they’ll notice if you get closer. Ah, they have a pretty nice atmosphere out there, don’t they? Maybe something will finally come of it?” Chiffon intervened, but even if her words are pretty logical, they can’t stop my frustration!

“But I can’t be sure of it if I don’t know the details!” If only I knew magic, I could pick up the conversation…!

“Ah, Please look at that! Sakura-sama’s hand is…!” Chiffon exclaimed.

“What is it!? I see, they’re having a secret date today! Since it’s like this, they could prepare themselves more!”

Chiffon hurriedly replied, “Hime-sama1, please hide! The two of them are coming towards us.” thinking about it, they’ll definitely leave this place holding hands, and there is no way to reach the town through here…. Then, it will be easy to follow them…

We hid behind the pillars and waited until they passed. We kept waiting for a while to make sure they were gone, and then I signaled to Chiffon and Okaa-sama.

“Let’s chase them, before they get away!!” I absolutely won’t miss such an important moment!


Walking while holding hands is quite embarrassing, still, I’m very happy about it. The feeling of being connected with the one I love is a great one. We barely talked anything until we reached the garden, but I felt our hands still conveyed our existences to one another.

When we got to the garden’s entrance, the guards were startled. They probably saw our connected hands. However, their faces quickly got back to normal, as expected… Will this be known by the entire castle by today’s end…? Tomorrow morning, no, tonight I’ll probably be asked something by Aria and mother… I hope I can give them a good answer them.

While thinking about that, we passed the soldiers and entered the garden. Sakura seemed to be nervous, but her face changed to as smile once we got in. She looked around while interested on the blooming flowers. Occasionally, she’d ask the name of one, but I don’t understand know much about them. No, I do know about common flowers… But I couldn’t answer even 10% of what she asked.

Sakura didn’t seem to mind though, but I think it would’ve been better if I could’ve answered quickly? Sakura seems to be enjoying the sight, I guess women do like flowers after all… Un, knowing a bit about those things is good. On that matter, when one of the knights gives flowers to a woman, they usually mind what it means on the language of flowers. Apparently it’s no good to just send anything.

There are many things one need to learn to reach a woman’s heart, such as how to escort her or which flowers to give… I’m still unused to those matters, but I hope Sakura enjoys today at least.

As I thought that… “Prince, are the Queen and Princess Aria not here?” I felt frustrated rather than surprised by her sudden words. Wasn’t today a meeting with me? I didn’t want to hear about them now….

I feel that it is better to meet them than to meet me somehow. I’d like to deny it, but there is no way I can do that. “They are probably in the castle. Why? Do you need them for something?” I quietly returned the question while being careful to not show my emotions. “If you need them for something, should I call for these two?” She seemed to be thinking about it, so I asked that.

If I was the one answering… I wouldn’t want to see them right now. However, that anxiety was all for naught. “No, I don’t need them… I was just curious” To be honest, I’m relieved she said that, I was thinking she didn’t want to spend time with me.


While we were chasing Sedrim Nii-sama, we found a convenient person. That girl is definitely one of Ren’s disciples. So she should know magic… In other words, we can hear the conversation of those two from far away!

I decided to catch her at once. “You, there, yes, you. Come with us for a bit!” What about their circumstances? Such a thing doesn’t matter when compared to our mission! Even if something happens, I can always rely on Okaa-sama. With her, I can even take someone that is doing an errand for Otou-sama2!

Dragging her without giving any explanation, we walked through the corridor while tracking Onii-sama. Fortunately, due to Sakura’s small steps, Onii-sama didn’t walk much, and was quickly found. “The garden…? Onii-sama, you chose a place where you can be alone…?” Nobody can enter the garden without a member of the royal family. Not only that, although we call it a garden, it’s pretty big. It wouldn’t be strange to spare a day there. In other words, it’s quite unlikely to find anyone else in there, we don’t even visit it that frequently in the first place.

“Kyaa! Onii-sama is bringing Sakura-chan to do that!?… It can’t be… Isn’t that lustful!? Sakura-chan’s purity is on our hands…! Let’s go!” The three of us, and one extra, entered the garden to chase after Onii-sama.


  1. Hime means princess, it’s kept untranslated because Princess-sama would sound ugly.
  2. Otou-sama means Father.