I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 89

Chapter 89 – Misunderstandings (1)


This chapter is from the Prince Sedrim’s1, and then from Princess Aria’s Points of View.

I did it, I finally did it! Today, during dinner, I tried inviting Sakura to the visit the garden. I was very nervous, but she nodded after thinking on it a bit… I wanted her to nod immediately if possible, but that’s asking for too much.

Anyway, we decided to meet on the day after tomorrow… I can’t stop myself from grinning, it might be a small thing for most, but it’s a big step for me!

However… The problem is Sakura, I’ve tried approaching her, but she seems completely oblivious to my attempts, I hope we can get a bit closer with this. I’m also worried about mother, Aria and Chiffon… I don’t want them interfering, so I definitely have to hide my meeting with Sakura until the day comes. I’ll have to be very careful.


On the next day, I felt really happy, but I don’t really have to do anything… Anyway, tomorrow is the day of my meeting with Sakura. We did meet before, but this time I invited her, and Sakura accepted it…! It has a different meaning!

Besides, Sakura said she’ll make a bentou for tomorrow. She’s even going to make a meal for me! Isn’t this just too good? I just hope tomorrow becomes a first step in improving our relationship.


At last, this day came! I woke up earlier than usual. I was too impatient yesterday, and ended up sleeping early… It may look a bit childish, but it couldn’t be helped.

However, I’ll cause a huge panic among the maids if I get up early, so I just spent my time relaxing on my room. Oh, I can’t wait for when it’s 10am!

I ate breakfast in a hurry, though even if I finished it early, it didn’t make our appointment come any sooner. It’s 9:30 now. Let’s start preparing myself, our meeting is only at 10am, but I have to make sure to not arrive late.

Are those clothes good? I wonder what kind of clothes will Sakura use…? Would it be strange if I used a fancy look? Or should I go with my usual… Maybe I should find an in-between? Wait, I better move soon. Those clothes are good… Is my hair okay though? Yosh, Let’s go to the gate.

Mu? Is that Aria2…? Why is she here of all places? Let’s pass by as casually as possible…

“Sedrim Nii-sama3, are you hiding something?4” Che… I was so close…

“What are you talking about? Am I the kind to hide things…?”5

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Yesterday, and on the day before, you looked really strange, is it something about Sakura-chan?” She is sharp… But I won’t let her interfere today.

“It’s all on your head. I was pretty normal, you’re misunderstanding.” Was this good enough? No, have more faith Sedrim. Today’s success depends on you!

“… I see, you’ll keep saying you don’t know anything?”

“If there isn’t anything else, I’ll take my leave.” I feel like she is glaring at me, but things will just get worse if I remain, besides, I’ll make Sakura wait if I take too long.

“… Understood, I’m sorry for stopping you.” Seems like it worked.

“No, I don’t mind it.” I turn my back to Aria and walk to castle’s entrance, I could feel her stare in my back, but chose to ignore it… When I couldn’t feel it anymore, I breathed a sigh of relief.

… That was bad for my heart. However, I’ll be able to see Sakura without interferences with this, my face turned into a grin while thinking so. But, this belief disappeared after just a bit of walking. “Your Highness Sedrim.”

“Chiffon?” Just when I thought I had deceived Aria, Chiffon comes next… Troublesome. “Is there anything you need?” I left out a sigh. I’m pressed on time, so I want to finish this conversation and hurry to the gate.

“I have no excuses for interrupting you, but there is something I want to ask…”

“… What is it? I’ll answer if I can.” So please say it quickly, I didn’t say it out loud, but it definitely resonated on my mind.

“If you allow me to ask… Do you have something scheduled with Sakura-sama?” My heart bounced. Indeed, Aria and Chiffon are pretty good… Why are they so sharp…?

While cursing in my mind, I answered with a cool facade. “There is nothing though? Why would you think that?”

This was a question I would regret if I hadn’t asked. “I could feel a strange feeling ever since the day Your Highness Sedrim returned from Sakura-sama’s house…”

… Was I that obvious? I was certain that I had only grinned to myself when I was alone, but I think I was careful around others. But both Aria and Chiffon noticed it… Should I have been more careful? “… Isn’t it just on your head? I was just going to eat, as usual.”

“Is that so? With all due respect, there was a really festive air around you, so I thought that there might be something… Maybe a secret meeting or similar…” Do they all know of it…? No, Chiffon was working yesterday, so she shouldn’t have had time to meet Sakura, it’s probably just guesswork.

It is pretty incredible to guess right like that… Was I really that much more cheerful? Or is Chiffon just really sharp? In any case, I have to be more careful. “If your imagination was the only issue, then I’ll take my leave. I have some business to solve.”

“… I have no excuses for stopping you, I apologize.” Her voice seemed unsatisfied, but she backed down anyway, as a member of the royalty cut down the conversation. I don’t feel well with it, but please let me use my status this time. As I felt Chiffon’s eyes on my back, I couldn’t help walking away in a brisk pace.


Sedrim nii-sama is looking funny… Ever since he came back from Sakura-chan’s house, he became quite cheerful. At first I thought it was all on my mind, but I could notice it. He appeared normal in public, but as soon as he thought there was no one near, he instantly made a big grin.

… There was definitely something happening… A woman is definitely involved. If some progress happens between those two, it definitely cannot happen away from our eyes! I’ll be sure to find out what happened!

I was restless during breakfast, I needed to investigate it. I’ll start by asking the person himself. I moved to the corridor near his room and waited, I should be able to question him like this. Ah, he came. I’ll do it immediately!

He pretends to be normal, but he is clearly on a cheerful mood. Onii-sama, you still have a lot to learn. He tried passing without saying anything, but I stopped him. Just as expected, as soon as I stopped him, his shoulder twitched… Do you really intend to hide it like that? “Sedrim Nii-sama, are you hiding something?”

“What are you talking about? Am I the kind to hide things…?” Mou, already discovered…? Your voice already started trembling with just that, your attempts to hide it are pretty cute…

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Yesterday, and on the day before, you looked really strange, is it something about Sakura-chan?” Then, please raise a white flag already.

“It’s all on your head. I was pretty normal, you’re misunderstanding.” Haa… Isn’t his voice is trembling even more?

“… I see, you’ll keep saying you don’t know anything?”

“If there isn’t anything else, I’ll take my leave.” Is that so…. I would prefer to solve it peacefully, but it seems like there is no other way.

“… Understood, I’m sorry for stopping you.”

“No, I don’t mind it.” Fufufu, and he thinks he successfully deceived me, he is so sweet… Well, I should report it to Okaa-sama6. It is still early today, so we should have enough time…

“Okaa-sama, It seems that there was some progress between Sedrim nii-sama and Sakura-chan. Let’s go after them immediately.” I told Okaa-sama the important part right away. We should also fetch Chiffon, she would like to see this.

It seems Okaa-sama quickly understood the situation, as she immediately went up to check the place he was going. Of course I’ll go as well, this is a really interesting thing and I’ll definitely not miss it.

Fortunately, we were able to find Chiffon while looking for Onii-sama. Even more fortunately, Chiffon seems to have been talking to Onii-sama until a while ago. Their talk was also about Sakura-chan. As expected she also noticed it. Of course, we will use that information effectively. We immediately rushed to Onii-sama’s location.


  1. セドリム or Sedorimu.
  2. He uses no honorifics to refer to her.
  3. Nii-sama (or Onii-sama) means Older Brother, the “sama” part is a way of showing extreme respect for the other party, generally because of a difference in social status.
  4. Aria’s speech is quite polite, probably because she is younger.
  5. Sedrim on the other hand is actually even a bit rude.
  6. Okaa-sama means mother.