I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – Obentou


When the bell rang announcing it was noon, we decided to have lunch. Of course there were nothing as convenient as tables or chairs, so I laid a waterproof cloth on the ground to have a picnic.

However, at the moment I tried to fetch the backpack from the Prince’s shoulder, I realized we had been holding hands this whole time… I completely forgot about it, no wonder I was glared upon when entering! They definitely misunderstood the whole thing.

Fortunately though, we walked through a pretty unpopular and dark part of the castle… I took a few deep breaths to calm down while spreading the cloth on the ground. Somehow, I felt a bit lonely when our hands let go of one another.

After taking our shoes off, sitting on it, taking the basket out of the backpack, lining its contents up, then pouring the tea into the wooden cups, the preparations were complete.

“Well, shall we eat?” I asked while we both picked a sandwich from the basket and started eating. It was cold, but that was fine since it was made to be eaten like this.

“As usual, you make very delicious things, was this a sandwich…? Both the meat and vegetables are very tasty.” The prince said.

“Meat is your favorite, right? It’s unhealthy to eat only meat so I always add some variety, but it’s quite the luxury to have meat in a picnic basket. I also added all the usual staples though.” I’m a bit sad there is no mini tomato, but putting something as juicy as that in a knitted basket wouldn’t be very smart.

I thought there would be more people eating with us, so the amount of food was a bit overwhelming. I can always eat the leftovers later though, so it’s not a problem.

“How did you know meat is my favorite?” The prince asked.

“I can judge from your happy expression whenever I prepare it for you.” It’s been months since I started cooked for him, and whenever I make fish he always shows a disappointed face. The prince still says it’s delicious, but the difference is clearly visible. I still make fish anyway for the sake of a healthy diet though.

“Is that so… You were paying close attention.” His voice seemed pretty joyful while saying that…

“It’s fun to see your belly growing.” I answered, but he fetched another sandwich instead of replying.

Seeing the obentou empty gives a pretty pleasant sensation, while I did eat more than usual, the prince clearly outdid himself by eating the portion that was meant for four people.

He did seem to be in pain though. “I ate too much… I’ll be fine, just… Let me rest for a while.” Was what he said… It doesn’t seem like it will just be a while though.

As he said that though, he laid down on the cloth while I started cleaning up. Things strangely got very quiet however, and that was… Because the prince fell asleep.

Even though we have a warm weather right now, a cold wind is still blowing, he might get sick by sleeping there. I took the camping blanket from the backpack and hang it over the Prince to avoid that.

… It’s hard to sleep on cold ground, isn’t it? The Prince even twitched a little when I put the blanket over him… At times like this a lover would do a lap pillow, wouldn’t they?

My mother gave me a lap pillow back when I was a child, the thought gave me a sense of nostalgia. But most importantly… I wonder how it feels like, he won’t notice if I don’t take too long, right?

My curiosity took the best of me and I put the Prince’s head in my lap. “Fufu, he looks cute like this.” The feeling of having such a taller man sleeping on my legs is funny, but warm too.

The Prince seemed to relax like this… I stayed in place for a while, but the memory of my mother stroking my head resurfaced, so I stretched my hand towards his.

… It’s unexpectedly soft, I expected a very rigid hair, but it feel similar to when Eru lays on my lap. Is this how mom felt back then?

“He seems so comfortable right now, should I play a prank and suddenly get up?” Thinking of pranks though, putting graffiti on his face is also a classic.

While I thought of such things, the Prince’s eyes opened as I stroked his hair. “… I was sleeping?” He murmured.

Since I was right above him, we both looked directly into each other’s eyes, my hands froze on the spot. “… Good morning.” Was all I could muster in this unexpected situation.

“… For… For how long have I slept?” His eyes were still blurry and he didn’t seem to quite get the current scenario.

“Not for long, about 5 minutes only…” I answered while still frozen.1

“I see… I’m sorry, but what am I sleeping on? It’s soft and pleasant.” He said while moving his hand and caressing my feet.

“Hiyau!” I screamed at the sudden action with a weird voice while his hands moved up my legs. “Ah… Prince… That’s my…” His hands were already rubbing my thigs, but he finally noticed it and got up quickly, then turned towards me to confirm what just happened.

“I’m really sorry, I was still sleepy and didn’t notice! I’m truly sorry!” He quickly apologized, but I understood that he was asleep, and I was the one that gave the lap pillow in the first place.

“N-no… It’s alright… I’m happy if you liked it…” Our faces were both bright red and I looked down out of embarrassment.

We didn’t say anything for a while, just quickly looked towards one another before looking down again.

“Ah, ah… Did you put the blanket over me… I’m sorry…” He noticed the blanket on his side and gave it back to me after folding.

“I-it was because the wind was cold, so… I didn’t want you getting sick…” I replied while putting it in my backpack, I still couldn’t raise my face due to the embarrassment.

“Sakura, do you want to go for a walk? There is a very rare thing that I want to show you, it’s very beautiful and I think you’ll like it.” I don’t think this feeling will disappear if we just stay here, so I jumped at his proposal

“Yes, I would love to see…” I tried answering clearly, but my embarrassment returned when I saw his face, so I looked down again.


  1. Actually, she says that it’s been around 4 and a half minutes… I have no idea how she can be this precise without a clock, so I decided to change this part a bit.