I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – Thunderbird, and then…


After the six days of travel to reach the royal capital, I headed to the guild right away, it was not a busy time, so it was fairly empty. I took a quick look into the quest board and went to the receptionist desk with the wooden tag for the thunderbird’s subjugation request.

“Excuse me, this request please.” As usual, the receptionist is Airi-san1.

“Fujino-sama, this request is S-rank. Fujino-sama cannot accept it.” I know that of course.

“Yes, so, it’s a report of the completion of the thunderbird subjugation request, the proof is the thunderbird on the carriage outside.”

“… Please wait for a while as we check.” Airi-san talked about something with the person in the back, making an incomprehensible face. After a while some men went outside and came back again, after they talked for a bit, Airi-san turned her attention to me. “Fujino-sama, we’ve confirmed it. I will approve the completion of the subjugation request of the thunderbird.” Saying that, she placed the bag with the reward on the counter. But as I reached for it, Airi-san grabbed my hand. “… Fujino-sama? May I speak to you for a bit?”

A dangerous light filler her eyes, I nodded while a single drop of sweat fell from my temple. “Excellent. Let’s talk over there.” I could only nod as she took me to the backroom.

“The subjugation request for the thunderbird came 10 days ago, why did Fujino-sama take down the thunderbird? By no means will you say it was by chance, will you? Even if Fujino-sama has the skill to kill a lesser dragon, dangerous things are still dangerous. Why do you think the guild’s rules exist in the first place? Although you have successfully done it this time, it does not mean things will always go well, you know? To begin with, Fujino-sama is…” Waa! I was a bad girl, please forgive me and don’t make a sermon.

After about 2 hours, I desperately bowed my head asking for forgiveness, as the sermon was still going on. After finally being released, I unsteadily got into the carriage to go shopping, as I my rent wasn’t over yet. I will return it after this though, since I still need to feed the horses while it’s with me.

I will buy what I need and go pick up Eru in the castle at the same time.

I dropped my luggage at home and went to return the carriage… If possible, I was planning to have a complete meal of thunderbird tonight, but because of the sermon, I lost my time and energy, so tonight is a simple menu of gratin with bread as the main dish, accompanied by a simple salad and yakitori. I will also make a soup with a potato potage.


On the morning of the next day it’s time to disassemble the thunderbird… Is what I thought, but I’ve never really dismantled one. No, I do know how to… In Japan I just bought the chicken parts I wanted to use.

So I went to Butcher-san in the morning and asked him to do it for me, it was the first time Butcher-san was going to dismantle a thunderbird though, so he was also very surprised, but he cheerfully accepted it once I sold half of it as payment.

Maa, it’s alright since the bird is way too big and I wouldn’t be able to eat it all anyway, or rather, I doubt I’ll be able to eat half of it. I also dislike the visceral system. My father and older brother seemed to like heart, gizzard and liver, but I like sasami2 and the thigh’s meat… My taste is definitely not childish!

Anyway, I will leave the disassembly to the butcher. It will end at 3pm, so I will wait while thinking about tonight’s menu. The main dish will be the breast meat is cooked with herbs, it is also good to have some standard fried chicken. Teriyaki with roast chicken is also nice, and a simple sasami’s salad would be delicious. A sautéed sasami cheese cutlet also seems delicious. Ah, I’m drooling… Whichever I make, it is the finest and rumored thunderbird meat. Aah, I can hardly wait for the night…!


After lunch time, I started preparing dinner quite early. To avoid losing to the main course, I also put plenty of power on the soup and the salad. Of course, I’m preparing so that I can cook as soon as the thunderbird’s dismantling is over.

Around 2:30pm, it was a little earlier than the promised time, but I could not wait and went to Butcher-san’s shop, it seemed that the disassembly was just finished, and each part had been put on a bag, so I quickly put them on my own in a bag and take it home. The talk about purchasing the remaining meat comes at a later date.

Saa! Here comes the main dish! First of all, it is grilled chicken breast with herbs. Leave the meat marinating in the seasoning for a while. Meanwhile, I will make roasted chicken. Since there is not enough time to soak it, I will cheat with a magic tool. In a short time it feels as if it was submersed for plenty of hours. Then carefully bake it in the oven.

After that, I will make the sasami cutlet. I thought that cooking it with herbs would be better than making just roasted chicken because it would be more juicy. I wrap the sasami with herbs that are similar to shiso3.

While I cooked, Eru impatiently coiled around my feet. “No good. I’m enduring it as well, so please wait until dinner Eru. Or do you want to eat a bit now and miss dinner later?” As I said that, Eru faced down, visibly giving up, so I went back to cooking.

Boil the eggs, make salad a with bacon and put it in the refrigerator. I will also put the ingredients on the soup and further cook it… Incidentally, today’s soup has a lot of vegetables, including carrots, cabbage, burdock and potatoes. I feel this kind of troublesome work is more fun than usual if I think it is for dinner.

Aah, what kind of taste is that…? That’s the legendary thunderbird meat…

I always feel the passage of time, but this time it seems to be going by slower. Soon the sun will set, and the neighborhood will get darker. I won’t be able to see unless I turn on the light of the house.

It’s time to the cooking herbs on the oven! Fufufu, please come out delicious, for me.

Set the oven and fry the sasami cutlets until it is baked, by the time the sasami finishes frying, the oven will also finish baking.

Substituting the cooked herbs, I put a roasted chicken on the oven for the finishing touches. Now I just need to arrange the dishes on the table, and the dinner is finished!

Preparing some sliced lemon, I’ve arranged it together with some bread on a basket.

Soup was already put on the plate since I’m expecting the prince. I actually invited Chiffon-san too, but she couldn’t take a day off neither today or yesterday. I wanted to thank her for taking care of Eru, but I will do it in another opportunity.

When I was looking at the dishes arranged in the table, I heard a voice coming from the front door.
It seems that the prince came. I hurriedly made the greetings, then quickly sat him don. In any case, I have been holding back for quite some time now. I’d like to eat the thunderbird quickly!

I served the soup and now we can start eating. First of all, throw out the cooking herbs… And this is incredible! It smells so great that I’m drooling! The prince also gulped loudly, so let’s dig in!

Put the meat in your mouth and slowly chew. At the moment you do it, the fragrant meat flavor and scent of herbs will pass through your nose, and the meat juice overflows in your mouth the next moment. The meat was very soft but crispy, and it seemed that the taste seemed to fill you as you chewed… A rich sweet taste that lives up to the rumors, it is definitely a first rate material! It cannot even be compared with the ‘delicacy’ that is dragon steak!

Eru and the prince were also devouring it, we just couldn’t stop eating! The amount of meat that I thought of as excessive disappeared in the blink of an eye!

By the way, during the meal there was silence. I focused too much on eating so there was no conversation, but once the meal was over I finally relaxed. “Fuu… It was more delicious than I expected…” I ate so much that I got a stomachache, but it was just so good that I’d still eat it if there was more in front of me.

“That’s right… If that happens everyday, I will definitely get fat.” The prince complimented.

Even after eating that much, I still wish for more… Such a troublesome foe, even after being defeated, it still haunts me.


  1. Written as アイリ.
  2. Sasami (ササミ) is chicken tenderloin.
  3. A traditional crop of East Asia, seems like it was also called as beefsteak plant in the past.