I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – Nostalgic


After 3 days walking, I finally arrived at the capital, I should check if my house is still there, but I’m afraid of it being taken from me after this long… I ought to confirm it however, so I walked towards the gates.

Once I reached them, I showed my adventurer card to the gatekeeper and he let me in… Why though? The card should have expired after 6 months, did it get renewed automatically? I’ll need to go to the guild to find out.


I don’t get what’s going on. My rent contract is intact, and I still have my guild registry working. Apparently I should have lost the rights to my home, but a noble lady stepped in and assured that I kept its ownership for at least 3 years. The house was also cleaned up regularly during all this time, so it shouldn’t look like a house that was abandoned for 2 years at all!

I have no idea who was the noble, but thank you so much! I’m glad I’m not homeless right now!

With these good news, I decided to buy some food to make dinner and then go back home.


It’s been quite some time since I last came here, around 2 and a half years, I’m glad things aren’t looking terrible. I took the key out of my pouch and unlocked the door with a trembling hand.

It’s a bit dusty, but it will stop being a bother as soon as I open the windows. I ignored the living room for now and went straight to the kitchen and started cleaning up the ingredients. The fridge isn’t working right now, but I just need to recharge its magical power to turn it on again.

Let’s prepare dinner then? There is no time to make bread but I can prepare the yeast at least. For now I guess I’ll go with soup, salad and spaghetti…? “Nya.”

“Yes yes, I’ll make your lunch too… Wait a bit…” Was this Eru? As if reading my thoughts, Eru replied with another meow.

“Weren’t you in Chiffon-san’s place?” I wasn’t able to understand what she meant with the next meow, so I tried guessing…

“Did you come out without her noticing?” She meowed in agreement, seems like I got it right.

“I don’t know how you did that… On that matter though, is she doing well? You didn’t bother her too much, did you?” Her meow seemed to deny it.

“I’ll have to thank her later… I’m glad you’re well though, I was worried.” She meowed happily.

“I’m sure Chiffon-san will be happy about, she has a very gentle personality… Well, we should focus on dinner for now, so please wait until I’m done.” She meowed in agreement.

I wonder if I should make enough pasta and soup for two days, so I wouldn’t need to cook tomorrow… I should have bought a few more ingredients then!

While thinking of such things, I continued cooking.