I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 97

Chapter 97 is live! \(^^)/

My translation style changed quite a bit since the last time I worked on this series btw… However, I did some considerable editing on the earlier chapters to make them fit my current style better, so you all might want to check them out.

I’m sorry for the lack of quality in the earlier chapters though… Those would need a complete retranslating to be solved, and I didn’t have enough willpower for that… T.T

Also, in case you haven’t checked chapter 96 out, I really think you should! Last time I had only 1/2 of it uploaded, so you would miss part of the story if you read this one right away! >.<

Mmmmmm, that’s about it for now, enjoy the chapter! ^^)/

I’m Back In The Other World Chapter 97