I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 6

I’m fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally back!!! \(^^)/

I don’t have much of a sob story to tell over why I went missing for so long, suffice to say my significant other broke up with me and I was feeling super down and totally lost my rhythm… For a month.

What happened in the other 3 months you ask? Well, I got distracted, had a hard time getting back to this, started GMing a Roleplay, finished Phantom Brave and Disgaea 5… In other words, I procrastinated a lot… Ehehehehehe~

But hey! I’m back! Let’s finally finish this series that I have been working on and off since who knows how long!

Enjoy the chapter! It’s a funny one~

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 6

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 5

Well, I guess that after a short chapter we need a long one to compensate?

This was fun, though I’m surprising how long the “wedding arc” is taking… Well, that’s fine I guess? I liked this chapter quite a bit~

It’s a bit funny to write this now though, you all will only read this 2 days after I wrote it… Well, I like writing at the moment I’m done though, so I can keep my impressions of the chapter fresh~

Eh? What do you mean I barely put any chapter impressions in these announcement posts? Just because it’s true, it doesn’t meant you need to say it! >.<

Oh well, enjoy the chapter! ^^)/

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 5

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 4

I really don’t have anything to say aside from… This ought to break the record of shortest WN chapter ever.

I think it took me like… 30 minutes to translate it? Well, technically 2h and a 1/2, but that was mainly because I wasn’t able to focus properly… Of actual concentrated work it was only 30 minutes.

Oh well, I’m glad I was able to translate this one even before you all read the Extra 3, hopefully I can keep on working with a backlog~

Enjoy! ^^)/

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 4

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 3

This is the continuation of the previous chapter, seems like Chiffon’s wedding will take a bit more to end… Which is nice to me, I’m liking those chapters~

On a side note, I actually translated this chapter yesterday… I have been wanting to get 2 chapters done in the same day for a while now, so I’m glad to have finally done it! \(^^)/

For now I’ll be using those 2nd chapters of the day as backlog, this will probably ensure a stabler release rate~

Also, I wanna start a 2nd novel, so having a backlog in the first novel would surely help a lot in it… I don’t want to go any slower than daily releases for this novel, so don’t worry! ^^)/

What else what else… Ah, I think some of you might have noticed that the chapters released stay as “c1” or “c2” for a while in NU before they’re changed to “extra 1” or “extra 2”, that’s Bot-chan’s fault and there is nothing much I can do about it except asking a Mod to fix it for me… I’ve asked Tony-chan for help though, so maybe a magical fix will happen… Who knows?

… This post barely had anything to do with the chapter, didn’t it…? Oh well~

Here is the chapter anyways~!

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 3

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 2

This chapter took a while to translate, it’s soooo big! >.<

Glad I was able to finish it today though, let’s keep it up! ^^)/

What else to say…? It was fun I guess? Sakura is slowly getting more conscious of her own feelings too, which is nice… I hope something will come of it soon~

Well, I won’t keep you all for too long, so here is the chapter~

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 2

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 1

Here is the first extra!

This was a lot fun to translate, though I had to use a dictionary a lot… Still, this chapter was really fun~

I don’t wanna spoil anything, but I guess I discovered a new side to Aria in this chapter… Fufufu~

Ah, I made a small translation error in chapter 103, I noted it in a footnote of this chapter. I’ll go fix it now~

Enjoy the chapter! ^^)/

I’m Back In The Other World – Extra 1

I’m Back In The Other World – Afterword

Hi everyone, this is the afterword!

Not much to say on my end… I’m happy to translate this afterword to say the least, I always like reading the author’s view on their own work and leaving this sort of farewell message.

Next will come the first Extra, I hope you all enjoy it! ^^)/

… Oh, and hooray for releasing it within schedule for a change! \(^^)/

Here is it anyways~

I’m Back In The Other World – Afterword

I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 103

Here we go! This is the last chapter of the main story!!! \(^^)/

It’s surely been quite a ride, my style changed quite a bit since I started translating… I also improved a lot, because dear God, my early chapters were terrifyingly bad.

Anyways, the series is not over yet, there is the afterword coming next, and then 40ish extras for me to translate… It’s a bit weird to call them extras though, because this chapter doesn’t feel like an ending to me, so I think it would be nice if you could stay with me for a while longer~

Enjoy the chapter anyway! ^^)/

I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 103

I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 102

And I took ages to release a chapter again… T.T

Well, let’s fix that this week! >.<

Anyways, chapter 102 is super duper short, next chapter is the last of the main series and then comes the afterword! We’re so so close! There are still 40ish extras to go through though, so we’ll stay together for a bit longer~

Keep up with me for a while longer, everyone! ^^)/

I’m Back In The Other World – Chapter 102